Major Lazer: The Backstage Banter

Happy Monday to all of my favorite readers! After a week of jet-setting to Houston and coming home with a terrible Sinus Infection; I’m back and ready to spill some serious beans. I was fortunate enough to experience something on Saturday night that I really thought only existed in my dreams. I finally got the “Almost Famous” evening that I have been pining for since childhood. Here’s how it all went down!

Via all different social networking channels I have been lucky enough to be able to rub elbows with some of my favorite celebrities. Except never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that a member of my ultimate favorite group would directly contact me! A week ago I started a really nice rapour with someone named Chris…unbeknownst to me at the time “Chris” was better known to the rest of the world as “Jillionaire” one third of the International powerhouse that is Major Lazer. After discussing common interests and me letting him know I was a writer, he invited me to attend Mad Decent Block Party. When you have admired someones talent for so long and have actually written about them in the past there is no bigger invitation out there. I put my sinus infection on the back burner and put the peddle to the metal. I of course agreed to attend; but nothing prepared me for the whirlwind experience that I was in for.

I was lucky enough to be granted a guest pass along with my pass so I took my best friend MC. As MC and I pulled up to Revolution nothing but pure adrenaline seethed through our veins. Gone were the days of us hustling tickets, begging to be let in, and scuffling past security. As we glided to WillCall all I had to do was produce my ID and BING BANG BOOM! In black and white on the list was, “Alexis Lee +1” The sole rush I received with seeing my name on that list automatically put me on cloud 9. We were escorted to a building connected to the outdoor venue and let right through. Right before we walked through the doors we were told we had full VIP Backstage Access for the entirety of the event. Here I was thinking that a really sweet Celebrity was giving me a chance to just attend the concert on him; but boy was it so much more than that. Chris (A.K.A Jillionaire) with beers in hand, gallantly whisked us away to the second story of the artist lounge. Chris totally proved on Saturday night that chivalry is not dead!

Upon approach we were welcomed by Wesley Pentz and Sonny Moore…you guys might be more familiar with calling these two Diplo and Skrillex. Sitting in a corner enjoying his dinner and texting on his phone was Walshy Fire. From the moment MC and I walked in we were treated so nicely by all the members and entourage’s of Major Lazer and JackU. In the luxe accommodations of the artist lounge was every type of liquor and Champagne you could dream of, huge jars of candy in every single corner, and plenty of platters loaded with munchies. As we were taking in our scenery and making nice conversation with all the guys I started to really enjoy myself and feel natural in my current surroundings.

I decided to venture out to the wrap around artist balcony and watch the acts that were playing before the headliners. As quick as it started I was being ushered along with the members of Major Lazer to the stage, it was time for Major Lazer to close out Mad Decent Block Party! As per Chris’s request I grabbed his bottle of Veuve Clicquot and shoved it in my purse, this was my signal that it was time to Rock N’ Roll. MC and I were totally taken aback by how many fans and photographers were crawling all over the guys with the short move from artist lounge to main stage. I handed the Champagne over as the boys walked out to their thousands of fans and yelled to them to break a leg (yes, I now realize what a cornball I am after the fact).

We had the option of spectating from backstage, but MC and I really enjoyed the vantage point of the artist balcony. So with no time to waste we hightailed it back to the artist lounge. Not wanting to miss one moment of Major Lazer’s performance, we were obtrusively shoving all of our security badges in every guards face. In 3 minutes flat we were back at our second story post enjoying Major Lazer in a way we never had before. I went from being a diehard fan, to a friend. These guys are all amazing in their own right, I have never been treated with such class and hospitality as I was on Saturday night! Sadly I have now been spoiled by Backstage Life, and I don’t think I will ever be able to fest any other way!

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