The Packing Paradigm

Another beginning to a great week ladies and gentlemen! I want to thank everyone who reached out to us with all of their well wishes and good vibes about my mom’s surgery last week; the Fellner Clan appreciated it immensely!

As of today I am excitingly counting down the days until I leave for Houston! Now as you all know I love traveling very much and do it quite often; but even the most seasoned travelers have their shortcomings. I will be the first person to tell you all ,that I have less than perfect organization skills. So for me packing is really difficult and I tend to forget things. Today I wanted to break down a few fail-proof packing tips that really help me when I am preparing to go on a trip!

  1. Take Inventory! prior to getting my luggage down from the attic and fantasizing about my travel looks I take a complete closet inventory. You need to carefully dissect what you already have in your closet, so you don’t waste time and money buying things that already exist. It also helps as a bit of a wakeup call to tidy up. The more organized your closet is, the easier it is to find what your looking for.
  2. Make A List! Once the inventory has been taken, make two lists. One list will be specifying exactly what you are missing. The second list will highlight exactly what you have. This way there is no excuse for any forgetfulness.
  3. Respect The Pullout Method! When taking your closet inventory, start pulling out things that catch your eye. After you have pulled out the pieces you think are pack worthy, lay them out and physically start building your outfits. Once your outfits have been selected hang up all of the clothes you have picked and DO NOT put them back in the closet. I have the luxury of a clothing rod in my room which I use to hang my packing selections on. If you don’t have a clothing rod then laying everything out on a couch or bed will do just fine. If you would like to take it a step further you can also snap some photos of the outfits. If space is limited in your packing area the pictures will be much easier to look at then a ton of outfits spread out everywhere.
  4. Packing Is Not Like The Price Is Right! I know going over or under on a gameshow might seem fun, but there is nothing fun about under or over packing. Over packing just makes clutter and under packing just causes stress. Carefully plan out your outfits directly relating to the activities you will be doing while traveling. Do not just throw shit in a bag and hope for the best…Nothing is worse than waking up day three of your vacation and realizing you are short 4 pairs of panties…
  5. Double Wrap Toiletries! I am very guilty of being a girl who is a little over obsessed with their beauty products, with that being said my toiletry bag ends up monopolizing 85% of my carry on. What I like to do to avoid explosions or spills, is to wrap every toiletry individually in Saran Wrap and then package it further into Ziplock Bags. This way if there is a leak or spill it will be held within the Saran Wrap!

I live by these top five tips and they so far have never let me down! I hope everyone is getting their summer travels in and enjoying all the places you’ll go!

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