J.K. Welcomes Us Back Home

Six hours ago the long awaited teaser trailer for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them was released. Now I have a feeling all of my readers know what a total Harry Potter Wizarding World freak weirdo I am. Don’t let the contoured  makeup, heavy partying, and great hair fool you, I am a complete and total nerd. So this morning when I checked Daily Mail U.K. and saw that the teaser trailer from J.K. Rowling’s newest installment to the Wizarding World mythology I was over the moon.

By the looks of the trailer J.K. naturally is not going to be disappointing any Potterheads out there. With a couple of classic nods and hidden treasures we were so whimsically brought back into the Wizarding World. I mean how could you not love a trailer that starts the same way Prisoner Of Azkaban started. The only thing that is tearing at my heart is that we all need to patiently wait until November 2016 for it to release in theaters.

J.K. Rowling always tells her fans to never stop believing. We won’t ever stop believing as long as she continues to create. I have been enthralled with Harry Potter since age ten and I think it gets worse as I get older. I can credit the Wizarding World for teaching me so many life lessons. For example; never take a love potion without reading the instructions and to always try to stay away from ear wax flavored candy. On a serious note though, if you are a major Wizarding World fan (I guess we can’t really call ourselves Harry Potter fans, the franchise has branched so much) I think this teaser trailer is exactly what you need to continue on believing.

So without further ado, here is the teaser for Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them!

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