Fellner’s Anatomy

Man, it feels good to be back! Let me fill you guys in on why I was absent for as long as I was. Things on my side of town got really real very quick. So, my mom went in for a scheduled Spinal Fusion surgery…this is where our story begins. Yes the surgery was a huge deal and very scary, but it was planned and we were all ready to be there for my mom. But us being Fellner’s nothing really goes to plan, does it? The surgery went really well, they were able to put enough rods, screws, and spacers in her spine so that she could compete in the next Mrs. Frankenstein Competition. She spent a couple nights in the hospital to recuperate and keep her higher than Hendrix at Woodstock.

The trouble started when we brought her home. She wasn’t even home for a total of 48 hours when she found herself right back in the ER (also let me mention this specific hospital is an hour away from where we live). It appeared that my mom had contracted a Staph Infection. Apparently the sight of the initial surgery is where the Staph Infection originated, and what do you know my mom found herself back in the hospital for another week. They eventually sent her home, but there is always a catch. On top of all of her new hardware given to her from the Spinal Fusion surgery, they also gave her something called a Picc Line. A Picc Line is a direct port into a patients blood stream that channels IV medication through the blood and directly to the heart. So, as a family (my dad and I) we give her three bags of IV medication a day through the Picc Line. This will be going on until the beginning of February.

With all of that being said, that is why I haven’t been posting on Alexis Lee Problems as of recent. I just wanted to let all of you know what I was going through, and that I didn’t forget about the blog. Sometimes in life you need to put your desires and productivity aside in the name of family. During this trying time I have learned that I have some really incredible friends. Whether its delivering me chocolate on Chanukah because we weren’t able to celebrate this year (thanks MC, Love you brother) or taking me to the movies for a couple hours to get my mind off reality. Everyone of my family members has also put their lives on hold to make sure that my dad and I are healthy and well fed (love you Auntie). I just want to thank everyone who has been there for us this past couple of months and let you know how much we love and appreciate you! My mom is now recovering nicely and is very comfortable at home. She really wont be able to do much until February, but her health is what matters right now above all else.

With all of that mushy stuff out of the way, Alexis Lee Problems is back online and new posts will be coming to you once again!

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