The Woman Behind The Fuccboi

Happy Hump Day ladies and gents! It feels great to be back to blogging after a lovely staycation. Between parties during the holiday weekend and having the house to myself…well lets just say I was a very busy girl. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

So, I hope all of you are familiar with the term Fuccboi; if you aren’t let me give you some clarification. A Fuccboi is a millennial modern day term for Douche Bag. The Fuccboi was an elusive creature but now they have multiplied and are really infiltrating the dating ranks. Girl’s across the country have not stopped attacking these boys for what they are…but has no one considered what they were prior to being a Fuccboi? Have none of these girls really taken the time to dissect why the male population has turned into a mill of identical Douche Bag Drones? Well, I have thought about it and I think I might hold the answer.

Ladies it’s all of your faults. We have turned the male population into a bunch of Douchey robots. At some point or another these guys were normal. They picked you up for dates, they paid for your dinner, they bought you flowers just because, they dressed like adults; but something switched. At one point or another the tides turned and these men turned into Fuccboi’s. We put so much pressure on the men we date to be a certain way. We want them to dress like Bieber, treat us like Mr. Darcy, party with us like Chris Brown, and love us like John Legend. We have created such a contrived structure for what our archetypal male should be that our wants have been granted but our needs have been diluted.

We want so bad to be with a badass who loves us like a saint. This is your wake up call ladies…STOP APPLYING PRESSURE. The more you push these ideals on your man the faster you loose the guy you fell in love with. Start appreciating the guy your with instead of changing them. I know from first hand experience how to create a “Fuccboi Douche Bag Dickhead” and it’s just as easy to make one as it is to not. We push our idealistic thoughts and desires into someone so hard that they loose themselves and what you are left with is a badly behaved boyfriend. We push and push and push, until we have nothing left to instill in our men and end up being left high and dry.

We need to stop pushing and start reeling them back in. Let them know they don’t need that dumb ass hair cut. Remind them that you love your man for who he is and not what he is wearing. If he doesn’t get a pair of Yeezy Boosts the world will not end. Speak to them respectfully so you will get that back in return, and always remember never compare your man to another. The reason this chain is so infectious is because of us girls and it’s time to make a conscious change. Stop talking about Fuccbois because the more you talk about it the more they multiply. We won’t have to complain as long as we don’t create them. Just remember to appreciate who your with and why you originally made the commitment to be with them.

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