10 Boneless Wings, Party of 1

Happy Monday Earthlings! I’m sure everyone is still buzzing over Beyonce from the Grammys last night, but you know we aren’t into hype at Alexis Lee Problems. Beyonce had her moment last night, today is a new day! Not only is it a new day, but it is the day before Valentines Day. If you are anything like me, Valentines Day is really just another random Tuesday. I’m sure if I wasn’t single I would have some serious plans of grandeur with some ridiculously hot boyfriend (yes I said ridiculously hot, because I think that’s what I deserve), but that isn’t the case. Instead of sexy couples plans I have decided where I will be tomorrow night, and that is at Hooters. Yes, I said it tomorrow night I will be spending Valentines Day at Hooters by my god damn self.

Hooters is holding a promotion tomorrow for us single folk. If you are single, Hooters is welcoming us in with open arms to enjoy 10 free Boneless Buffalo wings! But, like everything in this world there is a catch. To obtain said free wings you must provide Hooters with a picture of one of your exes and shred it in front of the whole restaurant. If that isn’t the single greatest catch into getting free food, than I don’t know what is. Hooters isn’t only filling your belly with delicious wings but they are helping you get over old wounds. Honestly, I really don’t know if it’s possible to have more fun than downing wings while simultaneously giving the old fuck you to an ex.

With my copious collection of ex boyfriends, tonight I will have to sort through all of my photos to pick the perfect one to shred. I appreciate Hooters attempt at making Valentines Day fun and inclusive for everyone. This being my third Valentines Day alone, I am starting to become a professional solo Valentines Day rider. At least now I have a special designated singles activity to  be a part of tomorrow night. Everyone just needs to remember everyday is a celebration! Whether you are alone or in a relationship Valentines Day should be fun for everyone. So, I’ll see all of my single brethren tomorrow night as we sacrificially eat wings in the name of terminated love!

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