Pain In The Neck…Literally

Happy Thursday Earthlings!!! It’s Thursday, we are so close to the end of the week just gotta power on for 48 more hours! For the past couple of weeks I have been having crazy neck pain. I wasn’t really sure whether the pain was from sleeping in a bad position or maybe I pulled something during a workout. Regardless the past ten days have been really uncomfortable to say the least. As you guys know I spend a ton of time behind my computer, the constant computer sitting made the neck pain way worse. I am one of those people who sits slightly leaning forward with my neck dangling downward. Picture a daisy that’s broken right under the flower at the stem (and if you can’t picture it, look up), that’s exactly what I look like sitting at my desk. If the average human head weighs 8 pounds (which I learned from watching Jerry Maguire) thats a ton of stress and pressure on my already hurt neck.

After being stubborn for 9 days I decided I had to go get a massage to work this out. Yesterday I received the most serious full body deep tissue massage of my entire life. Today I woke up with my neck feeling one thousand times better, but the rest of my body is crazy sore; Like just competed at a national cheerleading competition sore, or even get flung down a case of stairs sore. The past couple weeks has been a real pain in the neck (lol, been dying to use that line all day). I’m actually posting today from bed via my laptop. So, I’m just gonna relax and remain horizontal for the rest of the day and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be feeling like a fresh Daisy.

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