I am back from my mental health break (yes, I needed one)! Between my mom finally getting back on her feet and quite a bit of bicoastal traveling; I am finally ready to drop some knowledge! This past month I have become very familiar with the term “savage”. When I say “savage”, I am not referring to the well known Pocahontas definition that Disney taught us. The “savage” that I am referring to is more like an action and less of a noun.

Last week I felt it was necessary to let someone know who had feelings for me that I did not feel the same way. I always thought that if you figure out early on in the game that you aren’t interested than you should let that person know A.S.A.P. Apparently me letting this guy down deemed me as “savage”. To my understanding letting someone go abruptly, without notice is considered a “savage act”. As all of my readers know I am not a fan of categorization. I am a firm believer in doing what you feel is right in the moment, and I guess me letting this specific guy go was considered “savage”.

If people want to judge your actions towards others let them, I know I sure did this week. I wasn’t going to fight with anyone because I was being referred to as a “savage”, but I will address it now. Making a decision that is best for yourself and the well being of another isn’t “savage”. It is you doing something to protect yourself and others. If I wouldn’t have let this guy down now, and let it go on for longer, than what does that make me once I leave him out of nowhere after a ton of time has passed? I will tell you what that makes me, it makes me selfish.

The message I am trying to convey here is to always go with your gut instinct no matter what the peanut gallery thinks. Maybe me leaving this guy was a harsh move especially how clean of a break I made, but it was a choice that I made. Never second guess your instinct or question any feeling that courses through who you are. Usually the right decision is the most difficult decision to make, therefore you need to follow through. At the end of the day maybe I missed out on a great guy, but I really never felt an attraction. So, how could I with good conscious string this person along and not let another great girl take a crack at him. You might think I’m a “savage”, but all I think I did was give another girl a chance with a great guy.

If you aren’t feeling a spark immediately don’t sit around and wait for one, because chances are it’ll never happen. If being “savage” is letting someone go and hoping they find someone else better suited for them…well then I guess I am a “savage”. As I mentioned in earlier posts, life is too short to sit around and not be with someone you love. So, if being a “savage” is a part of that quest for me I will happily wear that badge.

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