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Good morning Earthlings! Today I wanted to share with everyone my top 3 Bingeworthy Hulu picks! Every month it seems as if Hulu is encroaching on the domain that Netflix has built. Maybe I’m a little bitter, Netflix did remove Buffy The Vampire Slayer after all (what were they thinking?). Where Netflix disappoints Hulu prevails. The same day Buffy The Vampire Slayer was removed from Netflix, I noticed it was added to Hulu. Now, I won’t be deleting my Netflix account, but I will say that Hulu supplementing some of my favorites has made their streaming platform one of my favorites. With all of that being said I want to share my top 3 picks to start streaming now on Hulu!

  1. Unreal
    Unreal is a scripted Lifetime original series, but don’t let the Lifetime brand fool you. This show takes you behind the scenes of what goes on behind a reality show (specifically a reality show that mimics The Bachelor). We are all guilty of binging on our favorite reality shows, loving all of the conflict and drama. Unreal gives us a glimpse on how reality show drama is conceived. Unreal has plenty of out of nowhere plot twists and keeps me planted every time I watch it. Hulu is currently streaming the first two seasons, season three is said to be airing this Summer!
  2. The Path
    I’m sure most of my ALP readers already know how much I love this show, but it still had to go on the list. The Path is a Hulu original series starring Aaron Paul. We follow Aaron’s character through the inner workings of a cult. The Path is raw and really lets the viewers make their own judgement of life in a cult. If you want to read a little more on The Path there is a review posted within the archives of ALP! Hulu is streaming the first two seasons now!
  3. The Golden Girls
    Last but not least the OG scripted comedy, The Golden Girls. Hulu is currently streaming every single episode of The Golden Girls, so if I were you I would start ASAP. Sometimes you just need to laugh and be entertained without thinking. The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons and at no point in 180 episodes was there ever a dull moment. If you just want to have a laugh and appreciate some older women talking about sex over cheesecake than you need to start streaming The Golden Girls!
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