Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day Earthlings! I know a lot of female bloggers have chosen to celebrate this day by not posting, but I decided to celebrate a little differently. I would like to thank and appreciate the two women in the picture featured above. At first glance these two ladies might seem like they are dating, but they are in fact sisters. Not only are they sister’s but they are my mother and aunt (what can I say, we keep it in the family lol). These two women have stuck by my side since before I can even remember (I’m talking that in the womb type love).

Gabby Fellner and Liz Dinner have taught me how to care for others and show compassion. They taught me how to make people laugh without it being at the expense of others (which I think is my strongest gift.). Most importantly they have always made sure I understood how to love others. The love these sisters show each other every day is infectious and spell binding. I wasn’t blessed with siblings but I have always sought strength within the love Gabby and Liz display towards each other. I am confident that when it is my time to be a mother and hopefully an aunt I can be half as wonderful as the two of them.

Without these two women I really can whole heartedly say that I would not be where I am today. Whenever I have a hair brained idea they are behind it, no questions asked. I also tend to doubt myself often, and these women have always lent me strength in those situations. Sometimes in life you can find yourself broken on the floor, in my case these ladies have always gotten me back on my feet.

I just want to thank them for being the strongest two women I know. You both have raised incredible families and that is all thanks to how wonderful you both are. So, Gabby and Liz thank you. Thank you for being the best two role models any girl could ever have. Thank you, for making me into the Woman I always knew I could be.

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