The Plateau

Happy Humpday Earthlings! I hope everyone one is having a great day, I for one am not doing as well as I could be. I have hit something I like to refer to as The Plateau. Exactly a month ago today I started a pretty serious journey to a healthier life. I am working out twice a day everyday, I have totally turned my diet around, and have been closely monitoring my sleep schedule. I began to loose weight rapidly and seeing improvements within myself everyday. Seeing the immediate difference within my body has been pushing me to work harder and harder every day. But, unfortunately I have hit some sort of plateau. For the past four days I haven’t lost nor gained a pound. So for the past 4 days I have woken up, weighed myself, and haven’t been able to see an ounce of difference. This has been the absolute most frustrating 4 days I have experienced since my journey started.

I am writing this as a partial way to vent out my frustrations. But, also to teach myself and anyone going through a weight loss journey to not let the plateau get you down. The whole point of calling something a journey is insinuating that this takes time. I won’t wake up tomorrow a size 4 and I need to recognize that, that is okay. I need to put the plateau behind me and continue my hard work. Not everything has to be centered around appearance. As I really sit here and think about it I am so much happier since I have made these changes, I’m able to sleep, and I don’t get lethargic during the day. While I experience this plateau I must focus on these positive things coming from my journey. I have to stay focused and not let my own search for perfection cloud the path to my journey. To anyone trying to live a healthier life, I know it’s hard but focus and determination are everything. As long as you can see the long term goals ahead of you, don’t fall victim to the short term obstacles. Now, I’m gonna go take some of my own good advice and continue on my journey.

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