The Instagram Effect

Between hashtags, followers, likes, and throwing shade; Instagram has become the number one social standard and status to follow. Gone are the days of your “Myspace Top Eight”, we have welcomed a different aspect of social media into our lives. Where Myspace and Facebook were originally engineered to target students and the younger set, Instagram has knocked down the age walls. Instagram is a way to peek into celebrities lives, and make you feel that much closer to the lime light.

Instagram has also turned us all into a social network driven obsessive bunch. You can’t go to a party without a full reel of selfies while you’re getting ready, to the pregame shots, to the actual party snaps, and then the goodnight bed time selfie. Instagram has turned us into hyper self documenters. There isn’t a delicious meal we don’t capture to publicize on Instagram. Instagram is becoming the number one marketing tool. Who needs commercials and radio jingles, when at any given time this multi billion user application gives you the opportunity to blast any product.

Has it made us a little bit more vain and caddy…the answer is yes. We use Instagram to show off and exploit our lifestyles. You can sit around and wait till your picture hits that “11 like count” and not be stressed out that your picture wasn’t up to par. You can tag your location and friends, to make sure everyone is getting the full effect of your particular lifestyle. I admit that I am just as much a slave to Instagram if not more than others. But I honestly don’t know if I am okay with The Instagram Effect; maybe we should start savoring instead of snapping our lives. Let’s remember what its like to live in the moment, enjoy the who you are with, and the wonderful places you go. A picture here and there won’t kill us, but let’s just chill on those filters for a minute.

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