The Decision To Stay Indecisive

Today’s title might seem a little redundant but follow me here. I am someone that is constantly balancing two careers. On one hand I am a self published writer, who hosts a blog, and writes for other publications; and on another hand I am a partner in an Event Planning Firm. My life’s dream since childhood was to be the next Hunter S. Thomson. The reality of my life is that since dropping out of college, I have immersed myself into starting my own event planning business with my mom and nurturing it to what it is today.

8 months ago my dreams of becoming the next Hunter S. Thomson fizzled away and became something even better. I took a break from the event planning business and decided it was time to chase my true passion  for writing. Chasing my passion for writing became more like a marathon and less of a race. I had to split my brain in half and figure out how to market myself, my writing, and my brand. Once I honed in on exactly what I wanted to accomplish, I gave birth to Alexis Lee Problems. This blog has taken me very far in the short 8 months of operation; I have been published since then, have been sent on journalism assignments, and have covered some major music festivals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think all of these wonderful things could ever happen to me.

But wait…what is that I hear…another baby cooing in the wings. A hiatus I decided to take from my event planning business became me missing and yearning to plan a kick ass party. This is where I decided to remain indecisive. I have learned through many experiences to never close open doors to your future. I will never decide to do just one thing. I will remain indecisive, and continue my journey.

Just because I plan parties doesn’t mean I can’t write, and vise versa. Yes it’s a lot to put on my plate, but good thing life isn’t just a one course meal. I have learned, and will keep learning to love my two children. My first child being my event planning business, who is a hormonal preteen. And my second child who is my journey through writing. My writing child is a cute adorable baby who hasn’t given me trouble…yet. My indecisive decision has led me to the happiest point in my life thus far. No matter what, if you have a passion and a drive you should go for it, whether it’s one thing or multiple. Never ever let anyone tell you no, and kick ass at all that you do. Just remember your creations are your children so treat them with care, kindness, and love them unconditionally.

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