Goodbye Bikinis; Hello Leather Pants

Yesterday marked the official start of Fall. Seeing as that Summer is my favorite season, I’m totally bummed. This is the time of year where you have to adjust your wardrobe, cocktail choice, music selection, and even what you would typically order at a restaurant. Here is a quick guide that will gracefully transition you into Fall without missing Summer too hard.

Transitioning Into Fall For Dummies

  1. First and foremost we must put down the Rosé and pick up something a little more season appropriate. I like to transition to my default wine, which is Santa Margarita. It is a great Pinot Grigio, it’s very light in flavor and has fruity undertones. It is the perfect transition to your Summer Rosé fixation.
  2. Stop Bikini Shopping, effective immediately. I know all of the Bikini’s are on sale right now and taunting you with their inexpensive glory, but just walk away. Yes, buying bikini’s on sale is great but these are bathing suits you are buying that will just live in your closet for the next six months. By the time next Spring/Summer rolls around there will be different trends and new styles. Why buy last years goods, when you know you’ll never be caught dead in last seasons swimwear?
  3. Brunch Responsibly! It seems when Summer is here Brunch becomes somewhat of an Olympic sport. From how many bottomless Mimosas/Bloody’s you can chug, to who can order the most outrageous pancake french toast situation. During Fall I like to limit my brunching to twice a month as opposed to every weekend. Remember if you play something out no matter how much you love it, it will get old.
  4. Take an inventory of your closet. Now is the time where you can put all of your jean shorts into one drawer and pretend they don’t exist for the next six months. Take yourself to the mall and invest in some convertible Fall ready wear. Leather pants, slouchy sweatshirts, layering tank tops, patterned leggings, etc. These are all good things that will take you through the season.
  5. Boys, Stop taking us to the beach on dates! I don’t think there is any girl who loves the beach more than me, but I do draw the line. Once September, October, and November hit the beaches in South Florida just get dreary and windy. No girl spends two hours getting ready to sit on the sand observing The Perfect Storm. Guy’s now is the time of year to go to places that have outdoor fire pits and live music. Save the beach for next March!
  6. Update your workout gear. In the Summer we obsessively eat right and workout in order to keep our bikini bodies in check. But workout gear like anything else gets worn out and gross. Use the beginning of fall to update your sneakers and get some new track jackets for jogging. Don’t be the girl running in booty shorts and a tank top when its 67 degrees outside. You might think you look cute but you just look crazy.
  7. Delete your “Bikini Booty Pool Mix” and replace it with your “Chill Bonfire Vibes Mix”. Just like your clothing, food, and beverages; your music choice must also fit the time of year. It’s time to replace the bumping booty baseline with something more mellow and relaxing. Some of my recommended artists for fall are The Black Keys, Saint Motel, Kings Of Leon, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Mac Demarco, The Cold War Kids, Vampire Weekend and The Kooks. Once you start jamming to some of these, you will want to thank me later!
  8. Pick your NFL team wisely. Being a girl who is surrounded by a lot of boys ALL THE TIME, showed me at a young age how important the NFL is. So pick your team and stick to it! Learn the game, ask questions, and get involved. Trust me ladies, a girl with a knowledge of football is way sexier than any pair of Loubs you have. Guys appreciate it when a girl knows a little something about certain things they’re passionate about. So why not take the Fall Football Season to your advantage. P.S. GO DOLPHINS! 

I really hope this list helps you “Fall” in line (see what I did there?! lol).


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